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About Me

I'm Jesse Bockstedt and I am an associate professor of information systems and operations management (ISOM) in the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. My research focuses on economic issues related to Internet businesses and users, and I teach several classes on information technology and operations. I live in Atlanta with my beautiful wife Katie, our two amazing kids, and our three-legged dog Gator.

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Work Experience

Emory University
Atlanta, GA
Associate Professor
Tenured research faculty. Currently teaching data visualization in the MSBA program and undergraduate course on process and systems management.
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ
Associate Professor & Eller Fellow
Tenured research faculty. Teaching undergraduate and graduate courses on data networking, app development, and economics of information systems. Advise PhD students. Faculty advisor and researcher in the AZSecure cybersecurity fellowship program. Member of the INSITE Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics.
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ
Assistant Professor
Tenure-track research faculty. Taught undergraduate and graduate courses on data networking. Advised PhD students.
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA
Assistant Professor
Tenure-track research faculty. Taught courses on Systems Analysis & Design, eCommerce, Web Programming, and Social Media. MBA Faculty advisor 2011-2012, undergraduate faculty mentor 2010-2012.
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
Lecturer and Research Assistant
Taught courses on web programming and IT infrastructure. Worked as research assistant on multi-year Digital Technology Center project, which focused on modeling IT evolution.
IBM Research
Almaden, CA
Research Intern and Research Staff
Started as summer PhD research intern in 2007 and then transitioned to part-time research staff member. Worked on research projects related to business model design and industry specific best practices.
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
Teaching Assistant
Taught lab sections for the undergraduate manufacturing technologies course and the graduate computer programming for engineers course.
New York, NY
Management Consultant
Responsibilities included systems analysis and design, business process re-engineering, and project management.


  • 2008

    Ph.D. Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

    Dissertation:"Understanding Technology Ecosystems: Tools and Methodologies for Analyzing the Information Technology Landscape"
    Major: Information Systems, Advisors: Gedas Adomavicius & Alok Gupta

  • 2004

    M.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota

    Thesis:"Effects of Pulsed Magnetic Field on Thrust Bearing Washer Hardness"
    Concentration: Design and Manufacturing, Minor: Industrial Engineering

  • 1999

    B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin

    Dean's List 1997-1999

  • 1994

    Mayo High School - Rochester, Minnesota

    National Honor Society, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Knowledge Bowl

Courses Taught

Data Visualization
Taught in the MS Business Analytics program at Emory University. Required course for all MSBA students. Class covers the basics visualiztion theory including concepts from Few and Tufte, and introduces students to common visualization tools such as Tableau, R ggplot2, and Python Seaborn.
Example Syllabus:
Process and Systems Management
Taught at undergraduate level at Emory University. Required course for all BBA students. Class covers the basics of operations management, including forecasting, process analysis, services, inventory management, and supply chain.
Example Syllabus:
Data Networking
Taught at master's and undergraduate levels at the University of Arizona. Required course for all majors. Class covers the basic protocols and technologies of modern TCP/IP networks and includes modules on network design, network security, and network management.
Example Syllabus:
Web Programming
Taught at undergraduate level at George Mason University and University of Minnesota. Class starts with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and then moves on to data-driven web applications using ASP.NET.
Example Syllabus:
Electronic Commerce Strategy
Taught at MBA and undergraduate levels at George Mason University. Class introduces students to contemporary economic and strategic issues in electronic commerce with a focus on business model evaluation and generation.
Example Syllabus:
Systems Analysis and Design
Taught at MBA and undergraduate levels at George Mason University. Required class for all majors. Class introduces students to the software development lifecycle and focuses on process and data modeling, interface design, system implementation.
Example Syllabus:

Research Interests

Behavioral Economics
Electronic Commerce
IT Evolution
Online Consumer Behavior
Online Privacy
Personalization Systems
Social Engineering

Favorite Skills

Data Networking
Data Visualization
Econometrics & Statistics
Data Mining
Machine Learning
Experiment Design
Android Development
Information Security
Xcode & Obj. C


Web Programming
Graphic Design
Arsenal FC

Latest Research

Relative Privacy Valuations under Varying Disclosure Characteristics
J. Buckman, J. Bockstedt, & M. Hashim
Information Systems Research
forthcoming, accepted August 2018
Using a series of laboratory and Mechanical Turk experiments, we show that the value users place on their privacy is surprisingly unaffected by the characteristics of a disclosure. Secondary use, required disclosure of personal information, and information context do not significanlty impact the amount of money required by users to disclose their private information.
Effects of Online Recommendations on Consumers' Willingness to Pay
G. Adomavicius, J. Bockstedt, S. Curley, JJ. Zhang
Information Systems Research
29(1) March 2018
We demonstrate that the presentation of personalized recommendations on online platforms can significant influence the amount of money consumers are willing to pay for products, regardless of whether the recommendations are accurate.
Heterogeneous Submission Behavior and its Implications in Innovation Contests with Public Submissions
J. Bockstedt, C. Druehl, & A. Mishra
Production and Operations Management
25(7) July 2016
Using a large panel dataset on real world innovation contests, we explore the effects of participation strategies and prior experience on the likelihood of winning in unblind innovation contest settings.
Bundling Effects on Variety Seeking for Digital Goods
G. Adomavicius, J. Bockstedt, & Shawn Curley
Journal of MIS
31 (4) Spring 2015
Digital information goods have a number of important differences from consumable goods that may impact variety-seeking behavior. We show that for digital goods, the use of consumer-driven bundling variations does not suggest an advantage in terms of their ability to affect consumers’ variety-seeking behavior
Problem Solving Effort and Success in Innovation Contests
J. Bockstedt, C. Druehl, & A. Mishra
Journal of Operations Management
36, May 2015
We show that national wealth and cultural attributes significantly impact the effort and likelihood of winning of participants in online, global, innovation contests.
Overcoming Free-Riding in Information Goods: Sanctions or Rewards?
M. Hashim & J. Bockstedt
Working Paper
Summer 2014
We conduct a lab experiment using a public goods game to explore the role of rewards and sanctions at both the individual and group levels on mitigating free-riding behavior.
Customized Bundling and Consumption Variety of Digital Information Goods
J. Bockstedt & K.H. Goh
Journal of MIS
31 (2) Fall 2014
We show that customization of information good bundles reduces consumption variety through two effects: design cost effects and compromise effects.
Do Recommender Systems Manipulate Consumer Preferences?
G. Adomavicius, J. Bockstedt, S. Curley,
& J. Zhang
Information Systems Research
24 (3) December 2013
We explore how consumer preferences at the time of consumption are impacted by predictions generated by recommender systems.
Contrast Effects in Online Auctions
J. Bockstedt & K.H. Goh
Electronic Commerce Research & Applications
12 (3) May-June 2013
Applying contrast effects theory, we examine the moderating effects of time urgency and persuasion intent on the processing of contrasting peripheral information from adjacent auctions.
The Framing Effects of Multipart Pricing in Customized Information Good Bundles
K.H. Goh & J. Bockstedt
Information Systems Research
24 (2) June 2013
We demonstrate that a consumer's willingness to purchase a customized bundle of information goods, the size of the resulting bundling, and the consumer's perceptions of the transaction are each significantly influenced by the design of the pricing scheme.
Modeling the supply-side dynamics in IT components, products, and infrastructure
G. Adomavicius, J. Bockstedt, & A. Gupta
Information Systems Research
23 (2) June 2012
We use vector autoregression (VAR) to model the co-movements of new IT component, product, and infrastructure introductions and provide evidence of strong Granger-causal interdependencies..
Seller strategies for differentiation in highly competitive online auction markets
J. Bockstedt & K.H. Goh
Journal of MIS
28 (3) Winter 2011-2012
Analyzing a set of eBay auction listings for identical products, we find evidence that the use of visibility-enhancing and quality-signaling discretionary auction attributes impacts auction outcomes throughout the auction process.